Wednesday, August 1, 2012

News August 2012

The shows with Thou & Grinding Halt in Ghent and the show with Demisor & Looking For An Answer in Antwerp both were great. Thanks to everyone who showed up! Much appreciated. We have a couple of new shows planned, one of them is already confirmed; with Psychofagist, Murder Intentions and Hybrid Viscery in Oostend on October 10th. Some more will follow soon!

Meanwhile we're finishing up for the split with Alkerdeel. Should be out later this year.

We'll also appear on a compilation with the likes of Shredder, Idiot Convention, King Terror, Last Legion Alive, ... (all Belgian bands, over 20 in total and +/- 1h of grindcore, crust, doom, stoner, hardcore, ...), that will be out in the fall of 2012. Tracks will be of the same recordings as the European Fastness compilation tracks (which can still be purchased through us or the other bands or you can check our songs here at and date from 2008.

That is all, more news on the split with Alkerdeel and the new shows soon!

13 will be ours.