About A Den Of Robbers


The Robbers are:

Trashing the drums

Fretboard acrobat

Tuned down slop noise

Broadcasting negativity


Jim Jones
Charles Manson
Shoko Asahara
David Koresh
Shiro Ishii
Marshall Applewhite
Bob Larson
Brian Griggs
Dorothy Allison


*2006: Band first rehearsed in September

*2007: First show in March. First DIY recordings during the summer. Shows with Magrudergrind, Gadget, Lividity, Splitter, An Albatross, ...

*2008: Release of the split 7" with FromTheAshes and the Belgium's Burning compilation 7" in January. 5 date UK tour with Sylvester Staline (FR) in September + appearance at the Blastonbury Festival. Appearance at the Bloodshed Festival + new recordings with AK in October. Shows with Brutal Truth, Rotten Sound, Mesrine, Birdflesh, ...

*2009: 8 date EU tour with Captain Cleanoff (AUS) in July + appearance at the Obscene Extreme Festival, also the release of the European Fastness compilation CD. Shows with Blood Duster, Brutal Truth, Venomous Concept, Bloody Phoenix, Capitalist Casualties, ...


Literally "a den of robbers" is a place where people who steal gather. We like to use it as a metaphor for all the greedy human beings who can never get enough. We took it out of the Bible, from the story where Jesus clears the temple. When Jesus goes to the temple, he sees people selling animals and moneychangers. He kicks them all out and says that his house will be a house of prayers but they are making it a den of robbers. And right now there are still hypocrite pedophile priests, selling statues inside "their" church, the rich growing richer on the poor, people who abjure all their ideals just for money: people selling out! They will do everything to get more and more and more... We fucked up each other and we fucked up the planet! People made this world a den of robbers! As you can see, this is a sentence that summarizes the decline of man. It explains why we despise mankind.